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Hunt Test Training
2 hour hunt test training scenario

Live Flyers (Ducks Pigeons or Pheasant)
See How We Tune-Up Dogs For Hunting and For Hunt Tests
We put your dog through the paces land, water, heavy cover.  
Singles doubles, triples and diversions long and short marks. We
can set up any test or hunting scenario you want. Your dog must
fully understand all commands to participate in this course.
This Is Great Preparation For Hunt Test Season
A short clip showing Ginger (Out of FC "Bowie")
running a 150 yd mark...This is month 2 in her until I
need it..All she needs is praise to get her bolting back
to me...We are training so I never take my eyes off the
dog..I watch for a brake or the need for a re throw..You
can tell when the bird hits the ground by watching the
dogs actions..Then I send
Running A Line
In this short clip Tee is forced on a blind...She
has in the past become hung up on the farthest
point..(Trying to run the bank or hunt
short).While she is on the way she is told back
all the way to the pile..
Training Tips
started to realize this is fun...Some
people may look at this and think it is
sloppy. This dog would not look at a
bird when I received her. .She would
shy away from my side and run to the
truck when I would throw a bird..You
notice I do not use commands..She is
VERY obedient so I know if I need them
These bitches are very touchy and
withdraw from training if you make it too
much like work.. These females need
.some pressure...But they must
understand why you are doing it..There  
is nothing worse than a trainer that
does not understand this line and tries
to force his way through all the training
..All the beatings and frustration is for
not..The can take it all and ask for
This dog was on her way to being a
couch patato..There is nothing worse
than a trainer that does not understand
a smart pup from a truly challenged
would have been...This pup needs to
see birds and go hunting...The owner is
very easy going and loves this dog so
this will be a huge benefit.. I will go so
far to say that I would like to plan to
compete with her in the spring and win
Live Flyers
Training Bezi's Owner
Bezi is shown here with her owner..Both are
being trained..Bezi is starting to be the right
way before...They are on the way to becoming
a team...Bezi is shown being forced in earlier
clips..She knows the drill...Her obedience is
very good ...BUT she has a fear of work...To
the untrained eye this is sloppy Bezi is shown
here with her owner..Both are and they think
the dog should be nailed on automatic..Her
owner never really handled her will shut down
and hold a huge grudge towards me the bird
and work in general. The key is to
compromise..Keep her in control but take the
good and build on it...This dog would not look
at a bird when I received her (A retrain from a
different kennel)....She associated
punishment with the bird and any
commands...Now she is a retrieving fool that
can be funneled to achieve the desired  
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