North Texas Dog Trainers
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Located In Rockwall Texas
20 min East of Dallas
    Working at a very high volume training facility in
    Ennis, has allowed him to experience a wide
    variety of retriever and all breed personalities.
    Richard has trained well over 1000 dogs and
    says "Training 15-25 new dogs every two months
    for 10 yrs in Ennis is where I really learned to
    train!". His passion for retrievers and waterfowl
    hunting shows. He has introduced many to the
    wonders of waterfowl hunting and the retrievers
    used in this sport.
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About Us
After spending many years training dogs.  Richard
Was unhappy with the methods of others.  He
decided to train dogs with an approach that works.  
Teach first, be positive, encourage the pup, be fair
and do not expect every dog to be a supper star.  
Every dog has it’s day so be patient. His method
brings the best out of the dogs.  All dogs have a
different tractability pattern.  Learn it and they
perform.   No yelling or screaming need be done.  
Just a “LOOK” can change a dogs mind if you know
the dog and the dog knows you