North Texas duck hunting|Limit of mallards
North Texas Dog Trainers.
Retriever Specialties.
Located In Rockwall Texas
20 min East of Dallas
ranch ponds. Your pup will see what they see in the real world of hunting.
Your pup will be introduced to many different hunting situations. Heavy mud,dead
timber,flooded timber,thick marsh grasses,stumps and dead falls. Intro to mud
boat and boat manners. Decoys, floaters,full body,socks,spinners and layout blind
shooting manners. If in season we take your dog on actual hunts. We also use live
flyer's extensively throughout the training program.
We will simulate real hunting scenarios,both for waterfowl and up-land game birds.
Many field trips to teach pup not to be afraid of new surroundings
Basic Gun Dog
Basic Obedience
Daily Sessions
For the person that wants to
train there own dog but
needs a helping hand
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Training The Owner....
One On One Training
North Texas Duck
Advanced Training
Hunt Test - Obedience &
Hunting Tune Up
introduce all pups to this in training I
train where I hunt so your pup sees
many types of varied hunting situations
While large enough to accomplish virtually all of your  
training needs, we're a small training facility by choice.
Choosing to stay strategically sized allows us to provide a
higher standard of training and one on one training  that is
virtually unmatched in the industry. At North Texas Dog
Trainers, our focus remains on getting better - not bigger -
and the results show in the performance and outcome of
your dog.
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