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20 min East of Dallas
All Breed Basic Obedience
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The basics Here Heel Sit Down
Working Retriever Training In Rockwall
Basic Obedience
Is an 8 week program that covers four
commands (sit,  here, heel and down) on and off lead starting at 6
months of age or older.
Daily Sessions
For the person that wants to train there own dog but
needs a helping hand
12 Years Experience
Building  Foundations For The Home And Field
All our training methods are based on positive reinforcement. This builds
trust,confidence and accelerates the training.
In this video Rock is being taught NOT to steal food
and to take food by hand and be gentle..The owner
cannot put food on counters or eat when the dog is
present without a struggle..When I received this guy I
could not attempt this..He would try to take the food
out of my hand ( Very aggressively) while I was trying
to eat...
In this video dozer is 6 months old
and had a problem not coming out
of water when called..He now is
very happy to leave the water
through proper patience and use
of commands..We are also trying to
teach him how to swim..He is 90#
and all legs..
Please No One Under The Age Of 30 Need Contact
Me On Training Their Dog...Unless You Have An
Understanding The Concept Of
You Learning The
Commands To Handel Your Dog
Robots..They Must Have Your
Respect To Control Them..If You
Do Not Visit Each Week You Will Be
Behind The Dogs Learning Curve
And Be Unhappy With The
Training..Dogs Can And Do Know