Basic Gun Dog
4-5 Month Program....6mos old
the blind, boat or home. Proper fetch and hold. Steady
to gun. Intro to marking. We also teach them what a
cripple is.

Your pup will be introduced to many different hunting
situations.  If in season we take your dog on actual
hunts. We also use live flyers,with remote launchers.
We will simulate real hunting scenarios,both for
waterfowl and up-land. Many field trips to teach pup not
to be afraid of new surroundings
Richard Pulvino
Training Session....Boat Ride
Richard and A Friend
First Hunt..On The Job Training...We Train In Real Conditions
Training Session At The Hunt..We Train To Hunt
Training The Owner....
DOWN...Live Flyer...In The Goose field
First Hunt...3 Man Limit...
Live Flyer....Training For The Real World
Realistic Hunting
Training And Tune-Ups
We Will Take Your Dog Hunting....
During Their Training
Competitor & Can Have Both
Richard and Friends..1ST Hunt Three Man Limit..Rare Picture Of Richard...
Let Us Start Your Pup Out In The Right Direction
1st Hunt...Happy Pup
Puppy Head Start
Results Of A Well
Trained Retriever
Enjoy These Videos
Double Click The Arrow
Birds Birds and More Birds
Let Us Help Your Pup Reach His
See Richard Train..Self Help Videos
Training Tips
Pup On Top RT Hunting
Intro To Hunt Test Training
Your pup will be taught to swing with
the gun while standing or siting

Marking land and water....Singles
up to triples
Whistle Work...Sit.. Here..
Intro to Back Pile
Hunt Test Training
2 hour hunt test training scenario

Live Flyers (Ducks  Pheasants Or Pigeons )
See The Remote Launchers
In Action
We Specialize In Real Life
Hunting Tune-Ups
Upland and Waterfowl