Working Retriever Training In Rockwall
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Head Start..Puppy Program..One month ...
Your pup will be introduced to...Live birds-Gun Fire-Water- Heavy cover in water and heavy
Cover On Land-Intro to obedience
Puppy Head Start

I n Home Boarding  40.00 Per Dog..Per Day
In Home Boarding With Tune Up...75.00
Per Dog...Includes  Birds..PER DAY..
You can specify the number of days within
normal boarding days
For Preferred Clientele
Call For Prices
I am the only one who trains your
pup. No assistant trainers to worry
North Texas Duck Hunts.com
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I take In Only 4-5 Dogs
For Training....
This assures one on one training for
your pup.. I can let the slow pup
progress at there own pace..I do not
compete or need to push pups to
make money off competition..This
allows me to spend the proper time
with all the pups, not just the dogs
training for hunt tests..
Your pup will see live birds everyday of
the training. Pup will learn to use their
nose and not depend on the owner for
every shot bird..
Teach the proper way and a pup will
learn to hunt..By taking pup out in the
real world they learn fast to depend on
their own senses..
North Texas Dog Trainers.
Retriever Specialties.
North Texas retriever trainers|north texas dog trainers
North texas Dog Trainers| first duck hunt limit of birds
North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Retriever Trainers
North texas duck hunter with limit of ducks
North Texas Duck Hunting|Dukes first North texas Duck Hunt
NorthTexas Duck Hunting|north texas guided duck hunt|limit of ducks
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Private Daily Sessions
Now available for weekly training
sessions..Bacic through advanced..
Basic Obedience
Collar Conditioning
Force Fetch
North Texas Retriever Trainers|North Texas Duck Hunting
While large enough to accomplish virtually all of your  training
needs, we're a small training facility by choice. Choosing to stay
strategically sized allows us to provide a higher standard of training
and one on one training  that is virtually unmatched in the industry.
At North Texas Dog Trainers, our focus remains on getting better -
not bigger - and the results show in the performance and outcome
of your dog.
Advanced Gun Dog Training
  • Whistle
  • Force to the back pile
  • The "T"
  • The Double "T"
  • Force in water
  • Advanced handling techniques
We Offer All Breed Training
North Texas Duck Hunts|North Texas Dog Trainers
No Refunds On Deposits
North Texas Dog Trainers Is Not
Responsible for injuries of dogs in
training All medical bills, vet visits will
be paid by the owner.
It is a fact of life
these dogs can be hurt while in
training or normal activities