Richard Pulvino
Learn How To Train
Your Own Dog
Actual Training Videos
Unrehearsed  Unedited
Retriever specialties
Training Tips
We will be training retrievers in the
North Texas area
.  The retriever
training will be all unedited..Everybody
who watches these will have many
questions answerd..Most tapes and
DVD's only show a portion of the
training. They never really show the
beginner training there own retriever
what to do when things go south in
training..Look at the
intro to hold -fetch
drop video. See the retriever open his
mouth for the first time in training and
hold a bumper...Watch the
intro to
video,to see the first day.
Retriever trainers in Texas have many
methods. I think you can learn
something from everybody. The trainer
that thinks he knows it all is the one to
stay away from. Watch the first time a
retriever goes swimming in
. How do you get him back when he
does not know HERE yet.
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