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What To Look For In A Kennel
How Experienced Is The Staff
Is It Heated In The Winter and Air-conditioned In The Summer
Too Many dogs equal fights, Humping, and diseases

The top item in my book is sanitation.  Is the kennel clean?  Let your nose tell you, do you smell urine or stools.  Ask to
see the medication list.  If there are more than five to six dogs on this list ask why.  If you see bark collars on most of the
dogs or hanging on kennels ask if this is common practice.  If you see any tazers, cattle prods or any other such devices
DO NOT KEEP YOUR DOG THERE!!!  If the person in charge gets upset at barking dogs while you are there I promise you,
it is only worse when the clients are not around,
DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG THERE.  Dogs bark, if the person in charge
looses there temper at barking dogs while your there, just think of what happens behind closed doors. Make surprise
visits, or if you are not allowed to visit at least once a week pull your pup. ( It’s your dog not his.)  
If the trainer / owner
gets upset at your concern or questions PULL YOUR DOG.


I worked at this very popular kennel for a combination of 1996-2000...2002-2007..Every 8 weeks 10-20 new dogs came in
for training  gun dog and just for obedience. Band wagons are great to jump on until you realize it's just not what you
expected .The gun dogs were put under so much pressure to complete the training in the 8 weeks that they were all
wrecks..It  was imperative to get the pup finished in that time frame..and most dogs that came in the gate were not real
candidates for gun dogs..Most of these poor pups were so stressed they crashed...None of the dogs saw a boat, decoys
or ducks. Birds were just all thrown by the trainer standing next to the pup 20 to 30 yards on a cut lawn..and never were
taken out to hunt in cover..The training as it was then and today is just a glorified obedience, Force fetch, transition class..
Once in a blue moon the dog saw a live flyer..If you wanted to train the right way you were considered just wasting time...
This is not gun dog training. It has not changed and is still the way they train to this day.. No dog is the same and if the
kennel touts they can train every gun dog in lets say 8 weeks run out the gate. The dog has so much pressure put on it in
such a short period of time it never shows its true instincts.
That is a good way to set the not so smart dog up for failure.
Yes there are some outstanding pups that can fly through this type of training BUT the average hunter does not have this
candidate, it just does not work. Any dog can run out and bring a bird back as far as the trainer can throw it. That is great if
you hunt in your back yard.  There is no time for field work. The dog never sees cover or live flyers. Lord help you if the dog
needs to find a cripple. You will be told that it is up to you to teach it to hunt or it needs to grow up and mature. I think the
price of training should reflect the training put into the dog.
There is more to training a hunting dog than the basic hold
and fetch.  What a dog does to find or retrieve the game is more than basic 1-2-3. It needs to be introduced to all this
in training.
If the trainer cant find time for this he should just teach obedience .

Ask to see the training equipment.  If you do not see a crop ask if one is used.  Ask to see
one, if you notice that they are extremely worn ask why. If pup is in for gun dog training ask to
see the props.  By this I mean decoys, boat etc. You need some kind of throwers and not the
assistant or trainer doing it.  You need realistic as in remote.  Most important ask to see a
dog work with live ducks.  Not frozen but live ducks. Ask to see a training session with live
flyers.  If the trainer does not duck hunt on a VERY REGULAR BASIS don’t walk RUN out the
gate.  You cannot train gun dogs if you do not know about the situations the dogs will be in
out there in the field.  This is very important.  Ask to see a pup work ..If the dog is cowed, tail
tucked or hand shy DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG THERE.  
If you hunt out of a boat put the dog in a boat and see what it does while in training.  The
trainer should have the dog used to water work out of a boat.

The bottom line is, if the kennel is used to train gun dogs, there should be hunting
equipment. No boat no decoys no ducks (In Season brought in by create) or wild game birds
equals a pup that will be lost in the field…You will end up training more than hunting. Find
another kennel

If your pup is there for gun dog the training.  The land should not be manicured. Dogs need
cover in water and land.  Small ponds without stick-ups are great for introduction.  The dog
needs to see lots of stick-up and large water.  Vegetation both surface and the unseen
underwater should be part of the training process.  Having land and water is great but is it
dog dig through cover see them not shy away from stick-ups in water.  Have the dog swim
through the decoys.  The dog is not trained to hunt if you have to play with ducks at the hunt
to get them to pick it up. Or goes to the decoys instead of the bird.. If this happens you know
your dog has either never seen a decoy or duck or extremely limited. Most real gun dog
trainers lease land to train on that holds these great training waters or have them made on
property. Two or three small immaculate ponds just do not cut it.
These Photos are from a local well
known kennel
Cattle Prod The Hot Shot Used to keep
dogs from barking
If You See One...Pull Your Do
Training Tips
Basic Obedience Training
Cattle Prod Used To
Shock Barking Dogs
From A Well Known
The dogs were locked in the inside kennel
and told to shut up while being shocked..and
it was hung on the outside of kennel to keep
them out in the run..If people only knew half
of what goes on at this kennel and others