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Rockwall Texas
North Texas Retriever Training 25 min East of Dallas
Cool Hand Luke
Bezi & Kili
Gun Dog /Obedience Program
Owned By
Andy & Jamie Zacharias
Sunni Rae
Daily Sessions
Owned By
Carolyn & Rockie Hall
Ginger 5 Month Gun dog Program
Owned By
Robert Ramage
Richard and Friends..1ST Hunt Three Man Limit..Rare Picture Of Richard...
Obedience / Behavioral Problems
Owned By
Tracy Smith
For The Discriminating Owner Who Does Not Like The
Typical Kennel Atmosphere.
8 Week Basic Obedience
Owned By
Shawn Fullam
1 Month Advanced Tune Up
Owned by Daniel McCoy
Jole Cajun
Steve Lemoine
Rowdy...Was brought to me already trained
by the owner...He had no interest in birds..
The owner was at whits end and all his
hunting buddies said "HE AIN'T GOT NO
DRIVE"..But Danny wanted to give it one
more try. Rowdy at the end of the month was
doing multiple retrieves land and water and I
would have to watch my fingers when playing
with him..See the happy proud owner above
the clip
Friends referred us to Richard because "he works magic with dogs".  
We needed a little magic with our large great dane puppy- before she
got so big and out of control that she ruled the house!  Bella spent 2
months with Richard, and in that time developed into a well-behaved,
loving, gentle giant.  She's a pleasure to walk these days, and no
longer "plays" too hard with our children.  Richard spent a lot of time
teaching Bella- and us- the basics.  It's now a pleasure to take this
100 pound, 8 month old puppy to the park and watch her sit while all
the kids pet her and chaos breaks out around her.  Our kids love
having her sweet disposition around and I love how she listens and
obeys our instructions.  With Richard's help, Bella has become a
much loved part of our family.
2 month Obedience Class
Owned By Kelly Jirovec
Contact Information Upon Request

machine.  Brought her out tonight for her first duck hunt.  After I missed
the first 4 that flew by and she stopped laughing at me it was all
business.  I dropped one that hit the ground about 75+  yards behind
me.  She didn’t see it go down she was actually sitting on the other
side of the beaver house.  I called her to me and sent her in I don’t
know how she knew what I wanted but she did.  I thought that she had
went way beyond where the duck landed but she came out of the
grass, cattails and swamp carrying a beautiful female mallard.  She
Well you did it.  You turned a wimpy chocolate lab into a hunting didn’t
want to let it go at first.  After I got it from her I set it down so I could pet
her and tell her what a good dog she was, the duck started to run away
well she was back on that duck like you couldn’t believe
Owned By Darren Lecompte
Ontario  Canada
Contact Information Upon Request
For Preferred Clientele Only
Now Taking Reservations
Summer Camp for Your Family Member
We offer in home boarding..Very Limited..
Let it be 100 degrees outside..Your family member will
be inside our home as our guest..Plenty of play time
and nothing to do but be a pup..
Let your pup stay in comfort as one of our family
Tune Up also available while boarding
North Texas duck hunting at lake cooper
alt=north texas dog trainers dog on stand
retriever training in north texas
Training retrievers in north texas
First hunt for these pups
These are the same areas I train
pups in all year
We Train To Hunt
North Texas dead timber hunt
Nap Time
Nap time
Rest time
Dogs on furniture with owners permission Only
Unlike a kennel we have plenty of one on one
playtimes with our in home guests   
Training retrievers in North texas|North Texas Dog Trainers
Bella Bear 13 months old
Chocolate Lab
Obedience/behavioral program
Knowing that Bella would not be used as a hunting dog, we
still needed a good obedience/behavioral program to send her
to.  After a bad experience with a large training facility with
many dogs in fenced kennels and being overlooked due to not
being trained to be a hunting dog, I knew that I wanted a
different environment for Bella's training.  I am so grateful that I
found Richard because he was exactly what Bella and I
wanted and needed.  Richard gave Bella the comfort of a
home environmental and play time in additional to the
exceptional training.  When I took Bella to Richard, she was on
the "wild side" due to being so spoiled by us.  I knew that
Richard has his work cut out for him (he knew it, too!)  For the
next two months, we went out weekly and trained one-on-one
with Bella.  Not only was she being trained, so were we.  Every
week there was marked progress with her.  Now that we have
her home, she is doing excellent with her commands, while
she is still our "Little Bella Bear".  Richard, you are an amazing
Trainer and we are SO grateful for you teaching her so much.  
She is a totally different pup since you worked with her.  Thank
you so much!
Canada Bound after training|North texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Duck Hunting
Just hanging out|North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Retriever Trainers
The three wise men
Playmates after training in North texas
Some of Our Training Areas..I use
Thousands of acres to train on..The pup
must see this so you don't end up training
pup on your hunt
The clips below show where I take the pups to expose them to hunting.. We are scouting
of Nov-Jan..Your pup sees more in a week of training/hunting than most see in a season..I
throw marks in this mess of dead timber to make the pup hunt..Off season we throw live
flyers at the same areas..To simulate this hunting
Playtime at North Texas Dog Trainers
More friends to play with
North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Retriever Trainers|North Texas Hunting
First limit for this pupNorth Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Duck Hunts
North Texas Retriever Training|North Texas Dog Trainers
 Retriever training in north texas|Teddies first hunt|North Texas Duck Hunts
North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Retriever Trainers
Summer boarding in north texas|North Texas Dog Trainers
Puppy boarding in north texas|North Texas Duck Hunting
north texas retriever training|North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Duck Hunts|North Texas Dog Trainers
plenty of playtime
North texas all breed dog training|north Texas Dog Trainers
 dog Boarding in north texas
North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Retriever Trainers
Best buddies
I highly recommend Richard Pulvino for
training your dog or training you to train your
Sunni is 85 lbs of energy, hard headedness
and is spoiled rotten. A challenge for any
Since meeting up will Richard, Sunni and
myself have excelled in reaching our goals.
Richard has always been available by either
phone, email or in person to help you work
through the issues.
I have not had an issue yet that Richard's
knowledge, patience, demeanor or tenacity
has not been able to over come.
I could go on but, you get the idea, Richard is
my dog trainer. Enough said. Feel free to call
or email me.
Four Man Limit Of Blue Wing Teal
Bruiser- Katiy- Sunni
From left to right
Chase, Bruiser- Royse, Jason (in
back), Katie- Rockie, & Sunni.
Daily Sessions
Owned By
Chase Carpenter
available for daily sessions in which you
can set up according to your schedule
and learn at your own pace.  You can
meet with him as often as you wish then
take his training methods home with you
training so you can personally care for
and train your own dog.  Richard can
help you solve any problem you may
have encountered in training your own
dog.  If I make a mistake or we’re ready
for the next step I can schedule a
session and/or contact Richard
anytime.  It’s like Richard is the coach
and Bruiser and I are the TEAM.  Since
we’ve been working with Richard’s
direction, Bruiser has become a
completely different dog.  One I’ll take to
the blind or the line anytime.  I know that
Bruiser will be the dog I’m wanting
because the daily training sessions are
geared toward my personal goals and I’
m left with the responsibility to see it
through.  Feel free to contact me through
email if you’d like: doc5168@yahoo.
com.  See you in the blind or at the line.  
Happy Hunting!!

Chase Carpenter
Gun Dog
Owned By
Chris Tomalin
Teddy and Duke
Gun Dog and Re-Training
Owned by
Brett Hodge
Obedience Training
Owned By
Kelley Lyon
I wish they could see him now.  Teddy was a pup we got from
North Dakota.  I was kind of new in the hunting dog area when
we bought him.  I made the mistake of taking him to a large
trainer that brags about how many championship dogs they
have trained.  It was one of those quick training to save you
money places.  Teddy spent the required time at the ranch and
was told that dog has no drive and is not birdie enough to
make a hunting dog.  I admit that Teddy is a lot different than
the High energy full throttle black labs that most of these
trainers are training but I was not ready to give up.  I had a
phone conversation with about 10 different trainers all across
four states and visited many of the facilities myself.  When I
visited Richard I knew that my first impression was not far off
on him.  His facility looked like my house.  His training places
resembled places I hunt.  My dog sleeps in his home and
plays with other dogs just like home. There is not 20-30 dogs
on the place.  Richard told me right away that Teddy had
potential and he wasn’t wrong.  Teddy is the most laid back
calm house lab you will ever meet but when the camo comes
out he is a machine.  Not every dog is the same. I recently just
picked up my second dog that Richard has trained.  Duke or
“The Devil Dog” as my wife says is the opposite of Teddy and
Richard did a fine job with him as well (wife is happy).  Richard
will get to know your dog personally.  He will figure out what
makes him tick and motivates him.  He understands the
differences in how much pressure to apply to the many
different personalities of dogs.  He will train your dog and
teach you how to use your dog. You will understand why your
dog tries to do certain things.  The best training is useless
unless the owner is taught how to use it in the process. Teddy
spent Saturday fetching 4 limits of ducks.  He spent over ten
minutes swimming after a wounded diver and picked up a
couple of doubles.  Pretty good for a dog with no drive.  Now if
we can just slow that tail down when the ducks are locked up.

Brett Hodge
General Manager
XCHEM Services
Cap String Division
Cell 940-210-9833
I could not be more pleased with Richard
and the excellent hunters he has created
with my two little girls.  Richard definitely had
his work cut out for him, tasked with training
my wife’s timid polar bear lab and my
rambunctious black Lean Mac lab.  I was
very surprised when we picked them up from
Richard’s house and they were behaving
like angels in his home.  I was even more
impressed when we took them out to the the
opportunity to have Richard train your dog, I
can assure you that you will not regret the
decision.  Whether it is for in house
obedience or field trial hunt testing, Richard
cannot be beat! Please call me if I can help
you in your decision.  817.797.3433,
For many more pictures please see the
photos link on the top left corner and below..
Some Kennels say they use thousands of acres to
train..BUT..If they compete and train dogs for hunt tests
or trials they simply do not have time for the non
competing client...I do not compete and have time to
run dogs through the proper hunting senerios..
CoCo trained at North Texas Dog Trainers
CoCo enjoying icecream..
All breed dog training in North Texas
All breed training
Another  trained dog North texas dog Trainers
A trip to Sonic for this pup
Real World Training For Real World Success
North Texas Dog Trainers
North Texas Retriever Training Dog In Boat
Three Limits of birds with retriever
Belenda Frailicks
Cat Davies
North Texas Dog Trainers|Roxie the speed demon
Les Terrill
Bryan Zumo
Tracy LeCompte
Gregg Prather
Michael Munzing
While large enough to accomplish virtually all of your  training
needs, we're a small training facility by choice. Choosing to stay
strategically sized allows us to provide a higher standard of
training and one on one training  that is virtually unmatched in
the industry.
At North Texas Dog Trainers, our focus remains
on getting better - not bigger - and the results show in the
performance and outcome of your dog.
All Breed Training
North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas REtriever Trainers|North Texas Duck Hunts|North Texas Dog Trainers
North Texas Diog Trainers|North Texas Retriever Trainers|North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Duck Hunts
North Texas Retriever Trainers|North Texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Duck Hunts|North Texas Duck Hunting
North Texas Retriever Trainers|North Texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Duck Hunts
North Texas Retriever Trainers|North Texas Dog Trainers|North Texas Duck Hunting|North Texas Duck Hunts
North Texas Duck Hunts|North Texas Dog Trainers
Puppy Head Start
Nick Biacchni
Gun dog Training

Brett Stubbs
Gun Dog Training


Zuess Kari
Linda Sheehan
Obedience Training

Cash Tex
David Smith
Gun Dog Training

Obedience Training
I train a Maximum of 5-6 dogs to assure quality and
personal One on One training.
North Texas Retriever Training At It's Best
North Texas Dog Trainers|Retriever on hunting trip in north texas
Tex. 4 months old.. First hunt while in
training. Retrieved 30 pigeons.. On a hunting
trip while in training. I have the time to take all
the dogs in training on hunting/training trips
while I have them in season. Out of season I
take them to the actual areas I hunt to train
with birds, launchers or both
Roxie Ace
Gregg Prather
Gun Dog Training
Bryan Zumo
Gun Dog Training
Belenda Frailicks
Gun Dog Training
Real World Training
In this blog I will talk about training for the hunt. This is very different from the hunt test or
trial training. We will be marking the retriever in many different ways with a hunting frame
of mind. We will not always be sitting on a bucket or next to the retriever so this must be
trained on stand, off stand, on bank, on a tree stand etc. away from the hunters. Your dog
must learn to be self sufficient and not need help with all retrieves, which means let the
retriever alone to LEARN and leave that whistle in your pocket. You MUST let the retriever
HUNT. This is taught at an early age to hunt and seek scent of birds and just anything on
your walks in the marsh and fields. You need to just let the pup be a pup to learn to use
their nose. In other words don’t hamstring the pup with constant nagging with commands
and whistle. Let them explore the marsh and woods with their nose. You follow them, not
them follow you.

Lets begin…With a very young pup off leash I never use commands they will obviously
respond to. As you see in this clip Pups First Bird I do not use commands like here hold or
fetch it up. All these commands are meaningless to the pup and will just not register.
Keep  everything simple at first. In this clip pup in the timber of a 4 month old I do not use
commands but cue words he has learned. He has heard “Here” but he really does not
know what it means yet. I bring him to me with the bird without commands. He is learning
to come back “Here” already with this cue word and noise that will make the actual
command “here” easy to transfer. For more clips go to my
You Tube Channel
North Texas-Duck Hunting
Non Pressure Training Available
North Texas Dog Trainers/train to hunt/north Texas Retriever trainers
North Texas Dog Trainres/Real World Retriever training/
I train In The real World
The pups go on actual hunts in
season while in training. Out of
season simulated hunting will be used
Retriever training/North Texas dog trainers
North Texas Dog Trainers/North Texas retriever Trainers
North texas Dog Trainers/#northtexasdogtrainers
Training hunt
Training hunt
Training hunt
Training hunt
Real World Training
Beware Of Accelerated Training
Be very leery of any gun dog training of less than 4
months. A two month program will leave your pup lost on
a hunt. Yes they may be somewhat obedient but will not
be exposed to aspects of hunting. There just is not time
to accomplish this and the pup will be less than it can be.
There will be much more physical pressures put on a pup
to finish them up in the said time!! You will have to
introduce the pup to what hunting is all about. Basically
you will be training your own dog to hunt.
North Texas Dog trainers/Texas Retriever Training
Training Hunt